Thursday, December 30, 2010

beli baju.

baju baru??

belas ikhsan : peace collection econsave!! hehe..
harga: rm 29.++ mybe..

dapat try pun jadi lah.. *-*

Monday, December 27, 2010

helmet & night market

ok people.. helmet episod 2.. *-*

a table for two.. tempat aku berkopi dan bekongsi cerita..

kerana nak makan satay.. sanggup kami pergi ke pasar malam.. parit buntar..k

kalau dah nasib malang tu, malang jugaklah.. pasar malam, tp pergi pukul 4 petang.. haa.. maka arang pun tak jadi api lagi..

memang tak bersatay lah pada hari itu.. walaubagaimanapun, best jugaklah. dapat jalan2 walaupun waktu bekerja.. ya betul.....................................ketika bekerja aku ke pasar malam.. *-*

Sunday, December 26, 2010

short notes for long time

for long time we already been planning,
but i always screwed up at the ending.
i am begging for your forgiveness on that bad-day-friday,
that day was ours.. but where i was by the time??
you send me a message " hurry back, i am waiting". but i dont reply anything..
why? my hp was absolutely 100% out of battery.. oh, hell ! what should i do??

i know, i know.. u must be shitting mad at me.. it has been so many years we are together.. its make me sick, trust me .. i am sick.. BECAUSE I CANT MAKE IT TO YOU......
to at least see your face,
to at least smile and share the joy and laughter..

i am so sorry.. forgive me

Sunday, December 5, 2010

dear work, i am stressed... coz of u!

i am so helpless..
even have nightmares..
just bout you,, been haunting my life..


*half of my 24h been dedicated for you..
*6 of 7 days are specially spending for you..
*my day and night u have taken it away..

i dont even have time to get sick..and now i am sooooo STRESSED..

Friday, December 3, 2010

helmet & kfc..

hai, slamat datang ke kfc. cik sihat?. apa boleh saya bantu?. nak order?? nak makan ke bungkus?? bla3.. hah, dah naik hafal pe dia nk bebel..

ini kfc, parit buntar.~

ttiba staf hari2 pun nak join wat kepoh jugk.. haish.. yela mak, u pun cantik jgk kn?..

gaya aku sah mcm gdik jmpa artis pujaan, smpai lupa helmet kt kpala... err.. ke dia yg sonok jmpa kitorg?

ni pic sbelum kejadian berlaku..
liza dtg dekat liza.
liza ckp, liza lapar... dengan muka kesian..
liza ckp, "jom nek 5series aku".. kte g tapau..
sampai kat kfc liza ckp, " weh.. msuk PAKAI HELMET?? " gila ke?? ne boley laa...nanti dia ckp kita nak merompak plak.. xmau la..

liza ckp "alah, ko tengok aku dlu..

muka sukses *-*

liza pun ikut aje lah si liza masuk..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

quotes to share

as i had nothing to surf last night, so ...
lets look at what i got.
few quotes that i found out to be interesting,
few are lame... i know i know... but who cares? people tend to forget things easily...

*hm.. maybe u can send this one to your love one.. but if u are thinking bout breaking out.. look down.V
* whos smarter than smart now?..
*this one, got nothing to do with anyone.. seriously.. no.. everybody have their own ideas coming out.
*errr.. i dont know what to say bout this.. after all, u will just know yourself.. not just your heart, but your body too. :p

*agree the most.. a girl's determination is high.. no wonder, there are many dumping babies cases.. is that even related? its true, right...

i got few more coming.. sooner or later..
but my favo is this one

lol.. haha..
thats sooo true... i really mean it

Monday, November 15, 2010

saya dan mereka

saya tak kisah pun apa mereka mau cakap.
apa sekalipun.
saya salah, salah mereka?
buat lah apa saja pun..

pasti jumpa yang lebih membencikan..
itu pasti.
kebebasan itu milik peribadi.
canang sahaja lah.
biar bergaduh semuanya.

jika saya mulakan.
saya tidak hiraukan.

pergi bila sahaja mereka mahu.
yang buruk itu saya sahajalah.
bukannya mereka yang umpama biarawati.

@c- liza.nora
kepada - mereka

saya dan mereka

saya tak kisah pun apa mereka mau cakap.
apa sekalipun.
saya salah, salah mereka?
buat lah apa saja pun..

pasti jumpa yang lebih membencikan..
itu pasti.
kebebasan itu milik peribadi.
canang sahaja lah.
biar bergaduh semuanya.

jika saya mulakan.
saya tidak hiraukan.

pergi bila sahaja mereka mahu.
yang buruk itu saya sahajalah.
bukannya mereka yang umpama biarawati.

@c- liza.nora
kepada - mereka

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fareha follow??

fareha is the 18th follower..
pulak dah..

licha sgt glad.. yeayy..
thx fareha follow aku di blog ini..
thats it.. u r awesome..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

hujung minggu with baby..

this is baby.. @ my lovely roomate..

funny pics, by us..

sabtu & ahad sudah blah..
kebosanan menunggu....., lalu menangkap gambar.. ha3..
lain2 sangatlah berupa buruk.. so, dh kne buang..

taken on: saturday night.. via webcam

Friday, July 30, 2010

mak pertama kali.

a story about last week..
my mom's pertama kali, pergi ke KFC..!!!..
caya lah mummy.. hehe.. *-*

Monday, July 19, 2010

when a place is no longer a heaven

this one is pitiful.. full of tense.. its a mental bullying,
its no use, bursting into tears for 4 nights in a row, but you will somehow,
bear the ending that you will lose more that what you own,
or already have...

stand tall.. and dont forget to pray. to god that you will not be a loser that much..
to change, its not easy..
so hard to satisfy all the parties..

whats in their head??
i am sorry, yes i admit..
can we just let bygone be bygone..
i am begging..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

my last saturday

this is so not cool, it was the last saturday i had,,, i mean at home!.
after this , i have to juggle my life all by myself,
being away on the deserted place,
feels so alienated... stop!!. please stop!. *ok, not a poem again..

i am screwed by the feeling that i have to live away from a nest i called home..
even living away isn't something new.. hey, since 13 i live in hostel (proud of me). such a good girl with a so-so reputation..

so this is just a short note saying goodbye.
i promise i will cry on the first night, thinking how good to be on my own bed, wakeing up feeling happy (fake smile for sure), try to be with my friends, keep talking like the story never end, going to class patiently, show some love to mathematics, pretend that i am hungry & eat a lot.. i will be so pathetic, for a week.. 5 days until 9th july.

on friday.. i am going back~ home~ .. this is not a sad story of a little girl for sure.. lol.
happy for myself with the fact that i am not going to suffer that much..
i pray that everything will turn out smoothly..

happy ending. *-*

cuti semester & UiTM

bye2.. 2 bulan dah tamat.!CUTI SEMESTER.

pikir-pikir pe kejayaan dalam 2 bulan ni??..
-jadi baby sitter (khidmat masyarakat kat umah)
-jadi surfer sukses.. online 18jam 1 hari.
-jadi komentar, terhadap komen2 para sahabat di fb,TAGGED(dah deactivate guna 5 hari je).
-join forum, conference, _Y.M, SKYPE. chat serata dunia.

kejayaan plg BESAR-
>>menurunkan berat badan, yeay!!.. nak jerit kuat2 penuh semangat..
turun 2 kilo.. ha3. tp masih berjaya~ok..


di fb, seorang budak yg macam best & kinda cool to me.. telah add aku.. *thanks..
salu borak bersama, lebih kurang tiap hari.. hari hari..
sangat la baik budakny.. rajin melayan karenah aku yang lebih budak dari dia.
she is 15.. dan aku 14. tettt..

aku memang sangat rajin kipas orang. (being a fan).. sebab dia pun kipas aku jugak... thanks again, AIDA.. such a great kid.. all the best!!.

I love you..

banyak kebaikan boleh diperoleh jika berstatus pelajar uitm, antarany:

cuti semester sangat panjang,
study week yang lama,
persekitaran yang kondusif & ceria,
sangat mengambil kira kebajikan pelajarny,
kos hidup yang murah. MURAH,SANGAT MURAH... -faveret aku.
yuran murah, makanan murah, baju jualan murah, kos sara diri termurah. &banyak lagi diskaun hebat??!.. ??....
bayangkan berapa banyak duit ptptn dpat dijimatkan?.sumpah.. banyak.!. $$$$$$.

jadi kalau nak isi UPU, sila timbangkan nama UiTM..

*cuma 68% yang akan bersetuju dgn fakta di atas.. 32% termasuk aku, akan membangkangnya.. oh! tidak..

Friday, July 2, 2010

jom gelak

senaman perut.. lebih selim lepas menonton 10x..
ketawa tak henti.. best2.. !!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

outing report

today,friday, saturday.!..
yesterday was a thrill.. ha3.. had an awesome evening with 3 girls..
chan siew mei, rand nikolai & a cassiopeias.. sorry, no picture was taken.!!! its a private gathering btw, or.. should i say "exclusive"??.. ha3.

location: pizza hut>watson>pinko>sweet choice>kfc>>>end!

thought that its end there?? nope. the gossips went straight into fb!!.. hell, why on earth we cant put a period to a thing name gossip?/ *sigh.

let see.. >>
well well well, this is the starter.

sorry main course cant be included for some reasons. we might get our heads off the body,! like seriously,,, its about us, 4 people.. i'l be a dead meat if i post the picture, eventhough i have it.. lol. keep it as weapon.

while surfing on youtube.. i came across a song by N-DUBZ
title: playing with fire.
i like this song,.. for some reasons..
the lyrics, i mean.. wow..
here's the snippet>

Thoughts running wild through the night as I watch you sleep
I can't help but check his texts while he's passed out next to me
I'm on some CSI behaviour, Who's gonna save ya?
You'll be the fool when the truth comes out ------------------>*i like*
But when those lights come on and what's her face is gone we're straight back to the same routine

I tried to believe every word of your sweet story
But intuition keeps telling me
Your making a fool outta me

::its worth listening to this song,.!!.
i wonder if this ever happen to you (or even me),
dont ever lie, cause you will end up die,
with no tie, but ur face full of pie.. lol.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


smalam, tngah malam.. sngat sronok..
gmbira dpat brcakap scara PERCUMA... ya, FREE..__________________________________

subjek: skype.
durasi: sngat lama, bberapa jam shngga 2 pagi (zul pergi tgk bola pas tu),tnggal aku & zhai je pot pet pot pet..
mulut: 3 murai=aku, zul&zhai.
intisari bicara: uitm , bola, kritik2, makanan, movie, fb, psl org, bla3.. roundabout.
komen: sngat meriah bila dpat brcakap scara free,gaya pun free, tnpa perlu memegang apa-apa (gna built in mic).. best2!..

kkurangan: kurang suara aje lah, krana letih bercakap semalaman.lain2, tiada. kualiti pun ok, sgat beza dngan Y.M yg segala bagai mslh ny.. asyik sangkut aje. haish...

seswai buat nak borak dengan pacaran.. krana boley juga menggunakan video call.jika psgan jauh2 tu, amat brmaknalah buat kalian. juga best untuk gosip2 brsama teman2.. lagi best klu cakap ramai2..ternyata aku sgt suka bercakap gunakn skype.. ha3..

aku mg krang brckp di hp. sms???..sgt kurg gemar.yes.. !!
chat di FB?? itu cuma lah mimpi.. top port chat plg aku bnci..

2 gambar yg beza.. knapa aku nk call, tapi sdngkan aku benci ph??> motif??

maka dpatkan skype anda.. & mulalah berborak..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

in this song

been loving this song for so long..
>for my parents.. i love you guys so much, much, much..

""from your daughter.~

all the way, through my ups and downs..
13 years i live, and then lived away from you..
really taught me, something..
last night when i slept next to you i was crying..
why i am so blind,
to see how much you love me and really care about me,
and never asked for anything from me,
even how much i owed you,
how much NO i gave,
how much YES i receive...

i feel bad, trust me.. yes, i do.
how am i going to pay all this?
when i'm always being selfish..
i know i'm far away from you,
but i try to be as dear as possible,
i messed up several times,
thats what i am learning..

i always make you worry..
worry that i might feel what you had gone through,
for being there all the time,
when i cried in pain at night,
you do cried as much as i do.. even via a phone call.
a fever.. and this was last year.
i still remember..

and this piece of memory that keep me going..
to achieve whats i've been dreaming..
i try to put back my life on track,
its really hard, not as easy as it seems,
the smile that i put..
not many can really get how deep did it hurt..

my promises are many to you,
i wanna make you proud of me..
of who i am, and who i am going to be..
thanks for loving me through my years..
and never regret of having me in your world..
the best part is that, you are so true,
always speak the real truth, reality..
and thats help me so much to see..
how much lies i been living in.
forgive me mom.. forgive me..

p/s: i cried while watching charice on oprah ! yes i was.
and i cried the loudest, while i write this..

a daughter's soul:
liza 1406

Monday, June 28, 2010

sick day

i am officially

fever & a comeback migrain..

cant even wake up from the bed,

some say,
i eat very little,
i sleep very least,
i been lying on bed doing nothing (simplified words= lazy)
i laugh to much, (is that a problem?)

among all, this is the one i found a genius>>

i been on the lappy to long = mom said _"laptop virus has gone over your body". sounded scary huh??..

so what are the reasons we fall sick??.. i hope we all can recover soon.
whatever disease we have.. keep praying to god.

p/s: thnks for those who wish me a get well soon..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

niece & nephew

hello people.
study this picture closely,~

>take a deep look at the eye.. yes..! tell me what u see??
of course =an eye.. *ironically: eye to eye contact.

move on, meet the guests..

she think she is the cutest among all in the house.. like, yeah.. its true,
do i care??. her fav quote:: enyummm..... (what's that?.) she knows it all. lol

last year, during hari raya.. and yep, she is the richest girl of the day.. with lots of coins..
lots.. and heavy. why dont they just give her the paper??.. pity you, lil kiddos

next guest: a boy=nephew

same age with that girl. he cant live without> not his mum, but his granny.. hellooo,,mister, its my MOMMY.. we both have our theme song: fight for love.. so, i am a kid too. lol. never thought as a grown up.

yeahh.. this pic tell it all.. see?? without his granny, he feels nothing.. like a bird broke his wing. lol.

and what if his granny not around??

he will open his mouth as wide as he can and shout>.. nekkkkkkkkk!!!. boy.. gotcha.!!!! ha3.. *nice shot by the way.. this is you,,

as a wrap, its awesome..
full of cheer and joy,
from a girl and a boy..

*evil aunty.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

so random

when i already decide on something..
which i normally try to avoid doing so..
cause i know, i might want to turn back..
let the choices pick u, instead of choosing them.
really hate to stuck in between..

blue or red shirt?.. doesnt matter.
wear the one suit best to your body..

hot chocolate, or coffee?..
drink the one that can make you happy..

silly me,
whatever.. lol

Friday, June 25, 2010

ordinary friday

the parrot,
she is pretty,
but got her leg tied..
ain't enough a sympathy,
but true love who cared...

the day almost end,
its turning to saturday,
what a day..

empty i must say,
i been doing a lot of house chores,
at last, i think what i did was such little..

a blurry day,
waking up very early.. *congrats to myslf.
even it was raining.. at 9 a.m.> i went for shower.. grrr.. grrr..

with hope,
i can survive on tomorrow..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

deeper conversation.

not much..
just something out of my fb.. *-* seems sweet to me,..

then the list goes on and on.. bla3..

so... thats all what we wrote about each other..
its a deep conversation though. full of meanings.. ha3.
____________i like
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