Sunday, June 27, 2010

niece & nephew

hello people.
study this picture closely,~

>take a deep look at the eye.. yes..! tell me what u see??
of course =an eye.. *ironically: eye to eye contact.

move on, meet the guests..

she think she is the cutest among all in the house.. like, yeah.. its true,
do i care??. her fav quote:: enyummm..... (what's that?.) she knows it all. lol

last year, during hari raya.. and yep, she is the richest girl of the day.. with lots of coins..
lots.. and heavy. why dont they just give her the paper??.. pity you, lil kiddos

next guest: a boy=nephew

same age with that girl. he cant live without> not his mum, but his granny.. hellooo,,mister, its my MOMMY.. we both have our theme song: fight for love.. so, i am a kid too. lol. never thought as a grown up.

yeahh.. this pic tell it all.. see?? without his granny, he feels nothing.. like a bird broke his wing. lol.

and what if his granny not around??

he will open his mouth as wide as he can and shout>.. nekkkkkkkkk!!!. boy.. gotcha.!!!! ha3.. *nice shot by the way.. this is you,,

as a wrap, its awesome..
full of cheer and joy,
from a girl and a boy..

*evil aunty.


Nurul Aida Safina said...

wah..chomeylnye...nganga luas2 ta msok lalat ke..ha3...;)

liza nora said...

thnks puji. he3. hm.. tu la sal,
dah hobi dia kot..

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