Wednesday, June 9, 2010

23rd on 3rd of june

*its 3rd of June, its your big day,
u growing bigger and your ages too,
I hope you don’t feel kinda blue,
my wishes that all your dreams come true,

*you once said, its your bad day,
sorry for not make it to you,
I hope everyday is the 3rd of June,
so I will have the chances again to wish you
a happy birthday my dear boyfriend.

*Oh my god, it’s too late,
Now I am sitting in front of my window,
Watching birds flying on the sky,
Feeling afraid that u will never say me a hi.
Even a big bye bye..

*Hush my dear don’t cry,
With u by my side I will feel stronger and tougher,,
Sorry I don’t always make you laugh,
Even not being there to be your shoulder to cry on,
Forgive me my dear every minute and second..

*I hope you are happy, all the time,
Keep my promises I will be fine,
i hope I will spend my rest of life with u
Its 23 years now,
And I hope for the next decade to come,

sorry for a long delay,
wishing u a happy birthday..

dedicated to: g.a

copyright: miss licha
written at 8.20 p.m on "3rd of june"

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