Monday, May 30, 2011

mistaken facts about me

somehow, i start noticing that many people have different perception as for their first impression..
this week alone, i have caught many cases which i found out to be funny and yet considered as insane..

1. while working, i was bla3 with a friend, and a makcik come and ask.. "u from nam-hwa?" its a chinese school located nearby my hometown. i said "no, but religious school". ha3.. come on,. its not you have to have an indian boyfriend to let you know how to speak korea.. sort of thing.

2. i was riding a bus to work. that time, with a few kids. and the ticket collector have mistaken me as a school kiddos and charge me wif 1.60 instead of 1.90. the next day, he charged me 1.90.. end of luck.

and lots more...... and and some said i look like a dead person used to be their relatives...... is that so?? .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what a nice word mean??

neither me nor u nice....
but the picture below.

basically, i will use google to find whatever things that i want..
today, i want to look for pictures. i dunno, maybe because i am so bored of nothing to do..
i typed____ nice picture______
and all pics above are the results..
aren't they just CUTE??

cant computer know what is cute and what is not??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Appreciate your parents; love them with your heart

I never imagined how an orphan life would be..
Until I met a guy..

One day, while we were talking about this dream and wish thingy,
He asked me, then I reply
I want this, to have that.. want to work at this, want to live at that..
Then, I asked him.. hey, tell me, what is your dream??
He replied; “ u know.. when we were kids, I used to have a wish.. to have my parents come together with me, taking my school report.”

But I never have the chance to, even once.. to have my daddy come to school with me, hold my hand, and congratulate me on what I have got..
I envy other kids, coz they have their parents with them..

And he asked me,” do you mind to share your father with me?, coz I have none”.
As I heard that, I feel sad and i cried that night.. yes, my heart I say “ I will share with you whatever that I have if that will make your puzzle complete”……………………………..

Its simple. But the message is clear.. Love your parents coz you will never know when they will leave you.
It’s was conversation between me and my bf.. if you don’t mind…………
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