Wednesday, June 30, 2010


smalam, tngah malam.. sngat sronok..
gmbira dpat brcakap scara PERCUMA... ya, FREE..__________________________________

subjek: skype.
durasi: sngat lama, bberapa jam shngga 2 pagi (zul pergi tgk bola pas tu),tnggal aku & zhai je pot pet pot pet..
mulut: 3 murai=aku, zul&zhai.
intisari bicara: uitm , bola, kritik2, makanan, movie, fb, psl org, bla3.. roundabout.
komen: sngat meriah bila dpat brcakap scara free,gaya pun free, tnpa perlu memegang apa-apa (gna built in mic).. best2!..

kkurangan: kurang suara aje lah, krana letih bercakap semalaman.lain2, tiada. kualiti pun ok, sgat beza dngan Y.M yg segala bagai mslh ny.. asyik sangkut aje. haish...

seswai buat nak borak dengan pacaran.. krana boley juga menggunakan video call.jika psgan jauh2 tu, amat brmaknalah buat kalian. juga best untuk gosip2 brsama teman2.. lagi best klu cakap ramai2..ternyata aku sgt suka bercakap gunakn skype.. ha3..

aku mg krang brckp di hp. sms???..sgt kurg gemar.yes.. !!
chat di FB?? itu cuma lah mimpi.. top port chat plg aku bnci..

2 gambar yg beza.. knapa aku nk call, tapi sdngkan aku benci ph??> motif??

maka dpatkan skype anda.. & mulalah berborak..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

in this song

been loving this song for so long..
>for my parents.. i love you guys so much, much, much..

""from your daughter.~

all the way, through my ups and downs..
13 years i live, and then lived away from you..
really taught me, something..
last night when i slept next to you i was crying..
why i am so blind,
to see how much you love me and really care about me,
and never asked for anything from me,
even how much i owed you,
how much NO i gave,
how much YES i receive...

i feel bad, trust me.. yes, i do.
how am i going to pay all this?
when i'm always being selfish..
i know i'm far away from you,
but i try to be as dear as possible,
i messed up several times,
thats what i am learning..

i always make you worry..
worry that i might feel what you had gone through,
for being there all the time,
when i cried in pain at night,
you do cried as much as i do.. even via a phone call.
a fever.. and this was last year.
i still remember..

and this piece of memory that keep me going..
to achieve whats i've been dreaming..
i try to put back my life on track,
its really hard, not as easy as it seems,
the smile that i put..
not many can really get how deep did it hurt..

my promises are many to you,
i wanna make you proud of me..
of who i am, and who i am going to be..
thanks for loving me through my years..
and never regret of having me in your world..
the best part is that, you are so true,
always speak the real truth, reality..
and thats help me so much to see..
how much lies i been living in.
forgive me mom.. forgive me..

p/s: i cried while watching charice on oprah ! yes i was.
and i cried the loudest, while i write this..

a daughter's soul:
liza 1406

Monday, June 28, 2010

sick day

i am officially

fever & a comeback migrain..

cant even wake up from the bed,

some say,
i eat very little,
i sleep very least,
i been lying on bed doing nothing (simplified words= lazy)
i laugh to much, (is that a problem?)

among all, this is the one i found a genius>>

i been on the lappy to long = mom said _"laptop virus has gone over your body". sounded scary huh??..

so what are the reasons we fall sick??.. i hope we all can recover soon.
whatever disease we have.. keep praying to god.

p/s: thnks for those who wish me a get well soon..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

niece & nephew

hello people.
study this picture closely,~

>take a deep look at the eye.. yes..! tell me what u see??
of course =an eye.. *ironically: eye to eye contact.

move on, meet the guests..

she think she is the cutest among all in the house.. like, yeah.. its true,
do i care??. her fav quote:: enyummm..... (what's that?.) she knows it all. lol

last year, during hari raya.. and yep, she is the richest girl of the day.. with lots of coins..
lots.. and heavy. why dont they just give her the paper??.. pity you, lil kiddos

next guest: a boy=nephew

same age with that girl. he cant live without> not his mum, but his granny.. hellooo,,mister, its my MOMMY.. we both have our theme song: fight for love.. so, i am a kid too. lol. never thought as a grown up.

yeahh.. this pic tell it all.. see?? without his granny, he feels nothing.. like a bird broke his wing. lol.

and what if his granny not around??

he will open his mouth as wide as he can and shout>.. nekkkkkkkkk!!!. boy.. gotcha.!!!! ha3.. *nice shot by the way.. this is you,,

as a wrap, its awesome..
full of cheer and joy,
from a girl and a boy..

*evil aunty.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

so random

when i already decide on something..
which i normally try to avoid doing so..
cause i know, i might want to turn back..
let the choices pick u, instead of choosing them.
really hate to stuck in between..

blue or red shirt?.. doesnt matter.
wear the one suit best to your body..

hot chocolate, or coffee?..
drink the one that can make you happy..

silly me,
whatever.. lol

Friday, June 25, 2010

ordinary friday

the parrot,
she is pretty,
but got her leg tied..
ain't enough a sympathy,
but true love who cared...

the day almost end,
its turning to saturday,
what a day..

empty i must say,
i been doing a lot of house chores,
at last, i think what i did was such little..

a blurry day,
waking up very early.. *congrats to myslf.
even it was raining.. at 9 a.m.> i went for shower.. grrr.. grrr..

with hope,
i can survive on tomorrow..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

deeper conversation.

not much..
just something out of my fb.. *-* seems sweet to me,..

then the list goes on and on.. bla3..

so... thats all what we wrote about each other..
its a deep conversation though. full of meanings.. ha3.
____________i like

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what should i do?

so bored in the middle of june.

what should i do?

call my girls.. hang out?.. lots of gossips will be spit out. here and there,
about how life has change. sounds fun.. no doubt.. last time we met was last year.. never met ever since then.. miss them all.

doing crazy stuff?.. can put a try on it.. my routine change everyday.. and today, i been trying to read and memorize music chords.. gosh.. its hard though. dont even know where to start.. lol.
and then try to play it with a virtual instruments. to be exact, today i try out piano.. sure, they dont belong to me.. i cant. no talent.. so, i fail..!!.

bla3.. what a boring day..
i am bored with my boring self. >

OMG -Usher

Monday, June 14, 2010

20th by me~

i am not the perfect person as u see
never meant or ever try to be
saying sorry is all by me...

its a melody keep bugging me all day,
rhyme together as i keep wonder,
how is my tomorrow gonna be?
will it be full of cheer?

we are one, we are together
1 thing i like about u,
its your laughter..

ur smile and your kindness..
sounded lame but yes..
its really true,
i afraid to lose someone like u..

so today i wish u thank you..
my 20th that i will never forget.

i swear..
tenkiu so much..

memories.: mis licha
dedicated to: g.a

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

23rd on 3rd of june

*its 3rd of June, its your big day,
u growing bigger and your ages too,
I hope you don’t feel kinda blue,
my wishes that all your dreams come true,

*you once said, its your bad day,
sorry for not make it to you,
I hope everyday is the 3rd of June,
so I will have the chances again to wish you
a happy birthday my dear boyfriend.

*Oh my god, it’s too late,
Now I am sitting in front of my window,
Watching birds flying on the sky,
Feeling afraid that u will never say me a hi.
Even a big bye bye..

*Hush my dear don’t cry,
With u by my side I will feel stronger and tougher,,
Sorry I don’t always make you laugh,
Even not being there to be your shoulder to cry on,
Forgive me my dear every minute and second..

*I hope you are happy, all the time,
Keep my promises I will be fine,
i hope I will spend my rest of life with u
Its 23 years now,
And I hope for the next decade to come,

sorry for a long delay,
wishing u a happy birthday..

dedicated to: g.a

copyright: miss licha
written at 8.20 p.m on "3rd of june"
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