Tuesday, June 29, 2010

in this song

been loving this song for so long..
>for my parents.. i love you guys so much, much, much..

""from your daughter.~

all the way, through my ups and downs..
13 years i live, and then lived away from you..
really taught me, something..
last night when i slept next to you i was crying..
why i am so blind,
to see how much you love me and really care about me,
and never asked for anything from me,
even how much i owed you,
how much NO i gave,
how much YES i receive...

i feel bad, trust me.. yes, i do.
how am i going to pay all this?
when i'm always being selfish..
i know i'm far away from you,
but i try to be as dear as possible,
i messed up several times,
thats what i am learning..

i always make you worry..
worry that i might feel what you had gone through,
for being there all the time,
when i cried in pain at night,
you do cried as much as i do.. even via a phone call.
a fever.. and this was last year.
i still remember..

and this piece of memory that keep me going..
to achieve whats i've been dreaming..
i try to put back my life on track,
its really hard, not as easy as it seems,
the smile that i put..
not many can really get how deep did it hurt..

my promises are many to you,
i wanna make you proud of me..
of who i am, and who i am going to be..
thanks for loving me through my years..
and never regret of having me in your world..
the best part is that, you are so true,
always speak the real truth, reality..
and thats help me so much to see..
how much lies i been living in.
forgive me mom.. forgive me..

p/s: i cried while watching charice on oprah ! yes i was.
and i cried the loudest, while i write this..

a daughter's soul:
liza 1406

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