Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what should i do?

so bored in the middle of june.

what should i do?

call my girls.. hang out?.. lots of gossips will be spit out. here and there,
about how life has change. sounds fun.. no doubt.. last time we met was last year.. never met ever since then.. miss them all.

doing crazy stuff?.. can put a try on it.. my routine change everyday.. and today, i been trying to read and memorize music chords.. gosh.. its hard though. dont even know where to start.. lol.
and then try to play it with a virtual instruments. to be exact, today i try out piano.. sure, they dont belong to me.. i cant. no talent.. so, i fail..!!.

bla3.. what a boring day..
i am bored with my boring self. >

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