Monday, May 30, 2011

mistaken facts about me

somehow, i start noticing that many people have different perception as for their first impression..
this week alone, i have caught many cases which i found out to be funny and yet considered as insane..

1. while working, i was bla3 with a friend, and a makcik come and ask.. "u from nam-hwa?" its a chinese school located nearby my hometown. i said "no, but religious school". ha3.. come on,. its not you have to have an indian boyfriend to let you know how to speak korea.. sort of thing.

2. i was riding a bus to work. that time, with a few kids. and the ticket collector have mistaken me as a school kiddos and charge me wif 1.60 instead of 1.90. the next day, he charged me 1.90.. end of luck.

and lots more...... and and some said i look like a dead person used to be their relatives...... is that so?? .

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