Tuesday, November 30, 2010

quotes to share

as i had nothing to surf last night, so ...
lets look at what i got.
few quotes that i found out to be interesting,
few are lame... i know i know... but who cares? people tend to forget things easily...

*hm.. maybe u can send this one to your love one.. but if u are thinking bout breaking out.. look down.V
* whos smarter than smart now?..
*this one, got nothing to do with anyone.. seriously.. no.. everybody have their own ideas coming out.
*errr.. i dont know what to say bout this.. after all, u will just know yourself.. not just your heart, but your body too. :p

*agree the most.. a girl's determination is high.. no wonder, there are many dumping babies cases.. is that even related? its true, right...

i got few more coming.. sooner or later..
but my favo is this one

lol.. haha..
thats sooo true... i really mean it

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