Saturday, July 3, 2010

my last saturday

this is so not cool, it was the last saturday i had,,, i mean at home!.
after this , i have to juggle my life all by myself,
being away on the deserted place,
feels so alienated... stop!!. please stop!. *ok, not a poem again..

i am screwed by the feeling that i have to live away from a nest i called home..
even living away isn't something new.. hey, since 13 i live in hostel (proud of me). such a good girl with a so-so reputation..

so this is just a short note saying goodbye.
i promise i will cry on the first night, thinking how good to be on my own bed, wakeing up feeling happy (fake smile for sure), try to be with my friends, keep talking like the story never end, going to class patiently, show some love to mathematics, pretend that i am hungry & eat a lot.. i will be so pathetic, for a week.. 5 days until 9th july.

on friday.. i am going back~ home~ .. this is not a sad story of a little girl for sure.. lol.
happy for myself with the fact that i am not going to suffer that much..
i pray that everything will turn out smoothly..

happy ending. *-*

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