Thursday, July 1, 2010

outing report

today,friday, saturday.!..
yesterday was a thrill.. ha3.. had an awesome evening with 3 girls..
chan siew mei, rand nikolai & a cassiopeias.. sorry, no picture was taken.!!! its a private gathering btw, or.. should i say "exclusive"??.. ha3.

location: pizza hut>watson>pinko>sweet choice>kfc>>>end!

thought that its end there?? nope. the gossips went straight into fb!!.. hell, why on earth we cant put a period to a thing name gossip?/ *sigh.

let see.. >>
well well well, this is the starter.

sorry main course cant be included for some reasons. we might get our heads off the body,! like seriously,,, its about us, 4 people.. i'l be a dead meat if i post the picture, eventhough i have it.. lol. keep it as weapon.

while surfing on youtube.. i came across a song by N-DUBZ
title: playing with fire.
i like this song,.. for some reasons..
the lyrics, i mean.. wow..
here's the snippet>

Thoughts running wild through the night as I watch you sleep
I can't help but check his texts while he's passed out next to me
I'm on some CSI behaviour, Who's gonna save ya?
You'll be the fool when the truth comes out ------------------>*i like*
But when those lights come on and what's her face is gone we're straight back to the same routine

I tried to believe every word of your sweet story
But intuition keeps telling me
Your making a fool outta me

::its worth listening to this song,.!!.
i wonder if this ever happen to you (or even me),
dont ever lie, cause you will end up die,
with no tie, but ur face full of pie.. lol.

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