Saturday, November 12, 2011

where have you been?

when i was away, i got so many questions left unanswered..

why i disappeared just like that?

i was crying whole day long, even consumed 20 cups of nescafe. and my friend found me lying on the floor unconscious .. whoaa whoaaaaaaaaaaa...... omg? really? . no its a lie. haha.

back to reality. now here i am revealing the truth to you all.. i was W-O-R-K-I-N-G.
6 days i spent and go to work, to help all those people in need, which of course my boss. i felt so tired but at least i got paid.

why you cant contact or reach me via my phone?

this is because i accidentally left it in my friend's car. she goes back to penang, and my hp location is now in penang.. i only will be meeting her on sunday. to be exact tomorrow.

hows your hari raya?

mine, is so awesome.. i dont go out, i just stay home. treating all those kids who came to my house.. its been really relaxing, talking to kids, cause they are so sincere... they wont lie..

did you meet your bf for hari raya?

what is this? a question?.. you ni busy body lahh.. haha.


Aesya Zealous said...

left ur phone in ur frens car? ohoo pity..

liza nora said...

@aesya zealous: hm.. my bad

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